What’s In Your Yoga Collection?

I don’t know about anywhere else, but my city has officially started to feel like spring. (About time, right?) And along with this tiny miracle, spring cleaning has begun. Today I decided to go through my yoga gear and give them some TLC.

Untitled design (2).png

I keep all of my gear in a little drawer!

My collection is relatively small, but I have all that I need. And I’d like to say that keeping to the bare minimum is holding up with the yogic belief of contentment, Santosha, and being happy with what I have. But here’s a cute bio of the whole gang:

Yogitoes Yoga Towel – Stability


Long story short, this Yogitoes towel will become your best friend. Yogitoes towels have effective silicone nubs on the bottom of the towel that grips into your mat using what they call “Skidless Technology.” And you get what you pay for. If you’ve ever wanted a towel that will not move and won’t let you slip or skid during your practice, this should be on the top of your list of must-haves. Price: It’s in the more expensive range at $68, but it’s going to rock your world. Guaranteed.

eQua Yoga Towel – Odyssey


This eQua towel was one of the firsts to be integrated into my regular use; it’s inexpensive and easy to take care of. I’ve noticed that towards the end of my hot yoga practice, it starts to stop sticking to the mat as well and my hands will glide right ontop of the mat. But for the price and it’s longevity, it’s a keeper. Price: This towel is almost half the price of the Yogitoes towel at $38 and it’ll be in your regular circuit for awhile.

Manduka Mat Wash Spray – Lavender


Basically this Manduka mat wash will cut through all of the crud your body leaves behind on your mat. After a deep clean, it rejuvenates your mat with certified organic essential oils. Here’s an important note: this wash is designed for the PRO series and LiveON mats. Plus the lavender smell is fantastic. Price: $11 for the standard 8 ounce bottle, $5.50 for the 2 ounce travel spray, and $30 for the 32 ounce refill bottle.

Manduka Cork Block


I love this block for easing into more challenging arm balances. The cork is what keeps it more firm than that of your typical foam block, which allows my wrists to feel more protected. It’s also pretty heavy for a block at 2.5 lbs so it provides a nice weighted security. When you throw your body weight on it, you won’t have a sinking feeling that you’re about to tip over. Price: The cork block runs at $20.

Foam Yoga Block


I typically use this block to bring the ground closer to me in poses like triangle, revolved triangle, and the like. This block, though firm, is not structurally designed for putting all of your weight on it. Overall? It’s a great lightweight block to take to the park for some outside practicing or to travel if you absolutely need it. Price: One block is around $5.99.

Header Image via Florian Bernhardt.

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