5 Ways to Inspire Your Home Based Practice

The longer I practice yoga, the more I find myself straying away from the studio. I love the ambiance, the energy, and the people I encounter there, but I find my heart strings pulling me to fuel my own fire. I decided to back off from the physical studio I loved so much and “built” my own, right in the comfort of my own home. Utilize these 5 tips to get your home practice started today.

Find websites with pre-recorded classes.

There are a multitude of classes, especially ones for free, that you can use in comfort of your own home. My personal favorite is Do Yoga With Me, but I’ve also used some of the Yoga Journal videos in a pinch. The secret to a successful home practice is a good balance between solo practice and a class in a group setting. For me, I tend to practice more on my own during the week and then take a group styled class on the weekend. I find that this works better with the flow of my work schedule.

Make a designated place in your home.

Wherever you have enough space to unroll your mat and flow can become your new yogic zone. Once you’ve made it a habit to practice there, you’ll find a more natural rhythm to your practice. My space is surrounded by things I enjoy: my books, candles, music… If I ever feel lost in a flow, I can pull out any of my yoga books and find a pose to spark my inspiration again. Refer back to the basics: Light on YogaYoga Anatomy2,100 Asanas, etc. Surround yourself with inspiration and you’ll never have a dull home practice again.

Carve out at least 30 minutes everyday.

This was honestly the hardest part for me. 30 minutes? Every single day? I didn’t understand how people could do this ish on their own. Pro tip: do this in the morning. Seriously. Wake up 45 minutes to and hour earlier than you normally would and throw down on your mat. For me, I wake up to some dream journaling, do 30 minutes of yoga and 20 minutes of tarot reading time. This gives you enough time to get settled in before you have to embrace your hectic work day. I promise you, you’ll feel less stressed in less than a week.

Create a pre-yoga “ritual.”

This is naturally different for everyone, but it’s more about knowing yourself. I can’t practice in anything other than “yoga clothes,” so I immediately change out of my PJs. I have multiple playlists on Spotify for any mood, length, and vigorousness of what I’m feeling that day. Then, and only then, can I melt into my mat. One yogi I know just cannot get motivated without rubbing her legs with lavender lotion. Another yogi just can’t get in sync without lighting sage and saluting the directions. Whatever that thing is for you, create a ritual so that it just seamlessly flows into your practice.

Take turns guiding with friends.

This seemed like a no-brainer at first, but then I realized how rare I actually practice yoga with a group of friends sans teacher. But then something clicked: if you guys had a time where you all met up to practice together and then got coffee together, you’d be more likely to focus on sequencing. Gather your yogi friends and divvy out who will guide when. You’ll immediately notice that the “pressure” to inspire your friends will spark sequences you’d never have dreamed of otherwise. This is all about intuitively designing a practice and getting used to a new creative outlet. Plus, when else can you sneak in to your BFF’s yoga playlist?

Featured Image via Kari Shea.

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